AISocials Review 2023: The Future of Social Media Management


Welcome to my AISocials Review. The first AI assistant that assists in running a Social Media Marketing Agency for you on Autopilot.

In the present world, Social Media has become an integral part of lives. World statistics published that Billions of people spend significant time on Social Media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

So, Social media marketing has become the most effective aspect of any business for their online presence and gain prosperities.

Those Brands and Business merchant realized early on the vital power of social media for marketing; they already realized exponential growth in their targeted customers and revenue.

But as social media evolved, so did the level of competition. Now it’s not enough to just post occasionally and as usual. For your content to stand out and become viral, you need to consistently produce high-quality and high-engaging content.

However, day by day social media marketing competition also increases. Just occasional posting is not enough to bring customers, there also is a need to consistently create high-quality, viral, and engaging content to stand out as a special.

That’s why AISocials come in.

For this target, an all-in-one AI social media marketing software. It is to simplify and automate social media marketing for companies and agencies. It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to generate high-engaging, viral social media posts and videos, which are then continuously posted on your accounts using advanced artificial intelligence scheduling technology.

This in-depth and honest AISocials review is going to show you all you need to know about this ground-breaking technology and how it can change the social media growth of your company or your clients.

Overview- AISocials Review:

Product Name: AISocials
Products Vendor/Author: Ben Murray and Abhi Dwivedi
Front-End Price: $37
Bonuses: Yes
Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
My Rating: 9.5/10
Official Website: Get AISocials + Bonuses Here

A Brief Introduction: AISocials Review

AISocials is a cloud-based social media marketing agency software.

It enables anybody to manage a professional social media marketing business without the need for extensive teams or technological expertise.

This AI software creates social media posting content automatically and schedules posting on multiple social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more.  

It assists you as a virtual social media manager and saves you valuable time of manual work creating and scheduling social media post content. The material is intended to be high-quality, engaging, and become viral on the platform.

How AISocials Works:


Checkout the Demo Video Below, How AISocials Works

Unique Features: Never Seen Before in Any App Include…

1. Create AI Social Media Campaigns from Keywords:

Using AISocials, you can create super engaging social media posts and videos just from keywords.

Just choose the post type, enter the number of posts to make, enter a keyword in your niche, and then BOOM! And watch with surprise the AI assistant prompt posts and videos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, and more.

AISocials Review

2. AI Agency Social Campaigns:

A unique benefit is that you can instantly generate your own AI-addictive social campaigns to get clients even when you sleep.

For example, you want to generate a yoga studio or any other campaign by just entering the niche keyword.

3. AI Social Post Creation Wizard:

Enter a desired keyword and AISocials’ SocialPost Wizard will make multiple engaging content for any social platform.

4. AI Social Video Creation Wizard:

Just enter a keyword, and AISocials’ SocialPost wizard will make for you multiple engaging videos for any social platform.

You can generate easily social media videos for YouTube, Instagram Reels, TikTok, etc.

5. Scheduling & Posting Technology:

Perfectly creating and scheduling every post yourself is a time-consuming task.

You just create the post once, and then AISocials schedules it and reposts it over and over at optimal times without having to schedule it again.

6. Agency Client CRM Technology:

 Integrate each client into the CRM app and manage their social accounts from a single dashboard.

7. Easy-to-Edit Social Content Posting Calendar:

You can organize all your social posts in a drag-and-drop calendar.

You can schedule one-time posts, this AI will be posting and organize everything according to your scheduling.

8. AI Image Creation with Midjourney:

Just enter a keyword, and you can make your social posts razzle-dazzle and stand out on social times with Midjourney.

9. Integrate Post to Multiple Social Media Networks:

You can connect multiple social media accounts for each client and post to multiple accounts per client including viral posts to grow your business.

10. AI Variations Technology:

Oh! It is an amazing feature of AISocials!

Choose to create multiple variations of your social media post for mass amounts of fresh, unique content. This special technology only AISocials has is the key to skyrocketing growth and quickly growing any social profile to thousands of users FAST.

11. AI Article and Social Description Technology:

With this AI Article Technology, you can generate amazing articles for Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, or anywhere else to link to in your social posts.

Also, you can create social media post descriptions like YouTube video descriptions or ‘ About Us’ for your Facebook profile or Google Business profile.

12. Viral Ideas Finder:

Enter any keyword and find viral content that you can post instantly in many different niches using this new viral AI ideas finder. If you search trending posts and topics on Reddit, YouTube, and Google News then this AI creates viral posts around the viral post for you.

13. AI Learning for Optimal Posting:

The AI will figure out what kind of content works best and when you get the most views.

Then recommend publishing at the most effective times for maximum impact, boosting traffic with smart learning.

14. Create Videos & Posts in Different Dimensions:

Create posts and videos in the most popular social media dimensions for each social site.

Create vertical, square, or rectangle videos and posts for ads, affiliate product reviews, viral posts, sales, quizzes and statistics, and other purposes.

15. Generate Viral Hashtags:

You can auto-generate the best and most viral hashtags for each post with AI to guarantee your posts get traffic and are seen on social timelines.

Whoever, many more awesome features are included in this AISocials App.

To know to details, visit their official website

Who Can Benefit from Using AISocials?

A variety of users can boost their social media marketing with the use of AISocials, including:

Marketing Agencies: Marketing Agencies may utilize AISocials for providing social media campaigns to clients on autopilot. It functions as a limitless virtual social media manager.

Small Businesses: Increase traffic and sales without spending a lot of money on marketing.

Bloggers:  Increase the number of eyes on your material Agencies – Easily manage social media for customers

Affiliates/Influencers: Affiliates and influencers demand a large amount of social material in order to promote products and engage their audiences.

They may use AISocials to automate content generation and publishing, freeing up time for other revenue-generating activities.

Coaches and consultants: – Establish authority and direct traffic to offerings.

E-commerce Stores: Get Customers without Using Paid Ads

Personal Brands: Increase your audience and relationship.

Does AISocials Software Worth Buying ($37)?

Already it is clear to understand, that AISocials is a powerful AI assistant that runs a Social Media Marketing Agency for you on Autopilot.

It is DONE for you automated software for social media marketing that generates high-engaging and viral image and video content and schedules various social media posts to get massive amounts of traffic.

It is user-friendly automated and schedule posting software that anyone can handle without technical knowledge.

4.9 Billion People now use social media across the world and 39% of social media users now report they are addicted to social media.

If you have something to sell, the best way to sell it is from social media.

So, here is proven that AISocials is worth buying software that is only $37

Funnels-AISocials Bundles and OTOs

AISocials has multiple funnels, and the following AISocial OTOs are listed below:

AISocials Elite-Frontend (FE)

AISocials Elite-frontend is $37 which is a discounted price during launch.

It includes all the core features like AI social media content generating and campaigns, social video content generating wizard, AI scheduling posting, etc.

It includes commercial and agency rights, allowing users to sell particular products or provide social media services to clients.

OTO1: AISocials Bundle Deal- $317

The OTO Up-sell Bundle Deal has included the front end and all the OTO upgrades at a discounted price!

Also includes unlimited access to all AISocials features, pieces of training, bonuses, and upgrades.

Best of all, it is overall the best deal

Get Instant Access to AISocials Bundle Deal>>

OTO2-AISocial Unlimited – $97

The second upsell is AISocial Unlimited, which includes additional features with unlimited content creation access for social media and agency.

OTO3-AISocials Platimum – $197

This $197 upgrade includes premium features like translations, international voiceovers, DFY content streams, 1-on-1 assistance, and so on.

Basically, it assists agencies in maximizing their performance and earnings.

OTO4-AISocials Enterprise – $127

OTO5-AISocials RankReel Special

OTO6-AISocials Reputor Special

OTO7-AISocials Koincart Special


Q. What Kind of Marketing Materials Does it Create?

This creates AI posts & images for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, & AI video content for YouTube, TikTok, reels, & more.

You can also create things like Medium articles, memes, quotes, individual images, & more completely with AI.

Q. Is There Detailed Training?

Yes! AISocials is super easy to use & there are detailed training & tutorials for you & small business customers + 24-7 support.

Q. Will the app be updated regularly?

Yes. We’re constantly updating the technology to keep it working smoothly and as powerful as possible.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. If you try out AISocials and can’t get any results with this AI marketing engine, just let them know, and you’ll get a full refund. You’re entitled to a 14-day money-back guarantee

Q. How much content can AISocials handle?

AISocials is designed for enterprise-level scalability. There are no restrictions on the number of posts that may be created, connected accounts, or scheduled. Without breaking a sweat, the AI can manage hundreds of posts and videos every day per account.

Q. Is it safe to utilize AISocials, or will I get banned from social media platforms?

AISocials is completely secure and follows all platform rules. Because what is posted has been customized for each user, there is no possibility of duplicate content or spam flags.

Q. How do AISocials differ from other social media bots and AI tools?

AISocials is the first AI platform that provides totally tailored content while also automating everlasting publishing. Other tools have one or both of these features. AISocials are incredibly different as a result of this combination.

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Final Verdict:

If a question appears, are AISocials worth buying? For the viral role of social media marketing, the striate forward answer is YES!


Small to large all types of businesses struggle to produce demandable, high-engaging, and shareable social media content constantly. Here AISocials is the best solution.

If your company needs social media growth and sales, AISocials is by far the greatest automated option available.

You can create unlimited content, videos, photographs, and other material suited to your needs and continuously publish them, saving you a significant amount of time and work.

AISocials is an absolute must-have for social media agencies. It will significantly improve your service offerings, client results, and revenues.

Today, there is simply no better or easier method for businesses to build and expand their brand on social media channels. AISocials provides in ways that no human agency ever could.

Disclosure: This website may contain affiliate links, They are true recommendations and if you purchase them through this link, I probably earn a commission (at no additional cost to you).

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