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Best Content Writing & Marketing Tool

Here I like introducing the best content writing & marketing tools, Blogely. Any bloggers, content writers, online business creators all over every section need to write high-converting content. But content writing is not so easy and it is a time-consuming process.

But you’re required to publish content regularly even every day. 

But how?

Simply using Blogely.

Lots of content marketing apps out there, but it’s hard to know which one you should use for content writing.

I confidently recommend you Blogely.

What is Blogely?

Blogely is an awesome all-in-one content creation and management app. That amazingly helps you, content research, create, and publish content in almost any language.

Using this secret weapon, you can create high-quality and high-converting content as same as pro-writer writing content and publish it to your WordPress blog without any effort.

You have not need to hire a pro-writer from an i-writer or UpWork.

Blogely is integrated with Yoast SEO and RankMath. A simple three-step process optimizing your content with SEO. It will help you to increase organic traffic tremendously. Its awesome content management features will help your blog content writing experience be more effective.    

Blogely’s Features:

Blogely ‘s bots can collect the top 100 SERP results in a few seconds and it will compile those top documents and collect information quickly. So, it is able to arrange content with original décor.

Key features of Blogely:

Writing Application:

In Blogely, you will see writing application features that support you everything that you’re needed to your writing effective.

You can create an outline of your content that helps organized and focused throughout the writing procedure.

The outline of the Blogely’s is flexible, use drag-and-drop to rearrange your content flow in seconds. It’s like a table of content to filter quickly.

Blogely has split-screen flexibility that helps you write faster and easier.


Research Docs:

A comprehensive search of top 100 SERPs. It researches efficiently and confidently.

Blogely’s bots collect the comprehensive record of the first 100 SERP results as follows your requirements. Then it shows you SEO-friendly research documents for your article.

You can easily place these documents in your content without diluting with a few clicks.


SEO Heatmaps:

  • Blogely, automatically analyzes focusing keywords and valuable related keywords that you can be focused on in your article.
  • You will get related keywords for the seed keyword
  • You will get the data on what exactly people are typing into Google search.
  • Also, you will find what questions are being asked by the users on your topic.
  • Blogely’s engine may suggest others’ ideas.
  • Blogely automatically finds related keywords based on your niche or topic.

As a result, you can build SEO heatmaps after pinpointing your competition and collecting keywords.


On-Page SEO Optimization:

  • Blogely automatically makes On-Page SEO and optimizes your content properly.
  • Blogely is integrated with Yoast SEO and RankMath. Simply follow the three-step process to optimize your content with SEO.
  • Blogely fully analyzes your content and then suggests, where you can make changes to improve SEO for better performance. 
  • Finally, it will show you an SEO score report that helps you to understand the estimated ranking position.

Content Plagiarism Reports:

Blogely’s has a plagiarism checker scanner is called CopyLeaks, which shows you content duplication and unique score.

CopyLeaks Plagiarism Checker scans various databases and compares the text to find out the same content. And then presents the only relevant results.


Easy Publishing:

Now is the finishing time to publish your content on one or many multi-channels.

Just select the connected platforms like WordPress, Medium, Mix, Blogger, Shopify, and more. Pick the appropriate site for each article to publish. Now just two clicks, publish your well optimize high-converting content.


Products Pricing Plans:

Blogely’s  has five pricing plans:

  1. Free plan
  2. Freelancer plan
  3. Starter plan
  4. Solo plan, and
  5. Growth plan

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • Unlimited articles
  • 1 Content portfolio
  • Free portfolio hosting
  • Access to client’s workspace

Initially, you may get started with Free Plan

Freelancer Plan Only $19/mo:

  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited notes & library
  • Editorial calendar
  • Versioning & templates
  • Backups & historical tracking
  • SEO optimization & keywords **
  • SEO recommended topics
  • Workflow management
  • Feedback & social sharing
  • 1 Portfolio
  • 10 Research Docs per mo
  • Export to clipboard

Starter Plan only $29/mo:

  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited notes & library
  • Editorial calendar
  • Versioning & templates
  • Backups & historical tracking
  • SEO optimization & keywords
  • SEO recommended topics
  • Workflow management
  • Feedback & social sharing
  • 2 Portfolios
  • 20 Research Docs per mo
  • 16 Published articles per mo
  • Blog list sync
  • 1 Website

Solo Plan $49/mo and Growth Plan $99/mo, Click here to see other plan pricing details.

Best for you, Get Blogely Lifetime Deal from Appsumo that only $79

Appsumo lifetime deals
Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Blogely Lifetime Deal – Appsumo – Content Management Apps

Blogely, help you to writing article very easier &  faster, and to sharing and publishing content on several channels.


  1. Allow to access lifetime Blogely Plan
  2. Everything Starter Plan Features +
  3. 2 portfolios
  4. 1 Website
  5. 20 research documents per month
  6. Publish 16 articles per month

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Your readers are always hungry for your content, so regular and faster publishing content is most required.

Blogely feels your requirement; it grows your workflow smarter and easier.

Note: Most of the deals are for a limited time even within a week of coming to Appsumo. So, why lose the change if you needed it.

I hope you also like Nicheese Lifetime Deal: Appsumo.


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