Thrive Architect Vs Elementor Comparison: Choose The Best For You

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor

You may create a beautiful website without writing any code with the aid of Thrive Architect and Elementor Pro, two excellent tools. Element placement is as simple as dragging and dropping them into your website to alter it live!

To assist you in selecting the right tool for your website, today we'll compare Thrive Architect with Elementor Pro. Although we have biases, we'll be objective in our analysis and say that we think every tool that aids you in achieving your professional objectives is a fantastic addition to the WordPress landscape.

Even if it means losing one more customer, we'll assist you choose whether Thrive Architect or Elementor Pro is best for your unique needs.

Thrive Architect

A great page builder for marketers is Thrive Architect. Your marketing efforts are improved by its integrations, which help you maximize conversion rates across all of your funnels.


For portfolio websites and general web design, Elementor is fantastic. Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder with deepest feature set. It is very easy to use drag & drop page builder.

Thrive Architect Vs Elementor Comparison:

19/20, There’s not a huge difference between Thrive Architect and Elementor page builders. Both of them are excellent page builders that can help you create a beautiful website. Here we deeply compared them to make a better decision about which one is the suite for you.

What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect, created by Thrive Themes and released to the market seven years ago, is designed for non-techies. All the items required to construct a website with a high conversion rate are available from their parent business, Thrive Themes.

Thrive Architect is a very good page builder plugin for online marketers, who may use it to create high-converting landing pages that integrate and power up your marketing efforts.

More than 294 gorgeously crafted and completely conversion-focused landing page templates are included with Thrive Architect. Building professional-looking sales pages, webinar sites, and other pages was made simpler with the drag and drop tool.

You'll discover that Thrive Architect (and the other tools in Thrive Suite) is there to help you develop whether you're an ambitious coach, consultant, personal brand, local company, service provider, content marketer, online course producer, membership site, or any other potential online business.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is another fantastic powerful open source drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress. Another advantage over Thrive Architect's Elementor is that it is FREE. It is well-known page builder, Elementor, has quickly become a household brand in the market.

Even if you are not familiar with coding, you will be able to create and personalize your website. The drag and drop feature operates effortlessly and smoothly.

It has all functionality needed to quickly edit or create a whole website.

It has more than 300 attractively designed ready-made templates; simply select and modify the one that best suits your needs. Simple, by doing things this manner, you'll be able to accomplish your goals far more quickly and easily.

The possibilities are unlimited when utilizing Elementor.  Anything is possible. Simply select widgets to create buttons, headlines, forms, and other content types.

Key Features Comparison: 

The capabilities of Thrive Architect and Elementor are quite similar. Similar modules and connectors are provided, and both builders offer developer tools (although Elementor fares a bit better in that latter category).

Drug & Drop Editor:


Thrive Architect:

You may create a website quickly and easily using the drag and drop option. It requires no back-end code and is the quickest method of website customization.

The hovering buttons in Thrive Architect have a single-click sidebar expansion. The necessary designing features may be picked up and dragged onto the main screen.

TA-drug and drop

When you start design into sections, you may sections are broken up into columns. By default, sections use single-column layouts, but you may create more column that your needs.


You may also choose to resize and move this window as needed.



A large selection of templates and designs are available in Elementor's toolbar, which is located on the left side of the screen. To modify your web page, you may drag and drop any option as you see fit.


There are parts on Elementor sites that you may fill with different-sized columns. Additionally, columns can be nestled inside of one another as well as stacked to form rows.

There are 12 different column layouts available in Elementor, but if you decide against one, you may adjust the size of the columns as much as you like.


Modules and Blocks:

The selection of blocks and modules is rather wide for both tools.

But Elementor and Thrive Architect have a few minor differences.

Elementor, for instance, offers both more broad modules and components unique to portfolios, including testimonial carousels.


Thrive Architect:

However, there are more landing page layouts in Thrive Architect. Numerous marketing-focused content modules are available from Thrive Architect.


Thrive Architect has more than 35 blocks & modules.



There are over 90 content modules in Elementor. More than a dozen are specifically made for WooCommerce, but we'll get to that later.

Animated Headline, Price List, Flip Box, and Code Highlight, are some of the plugin's most unique modules.



Well-customized pre-made templates simplify the process of creating a website that is ready to use. You can be further customized these templates as suit you.


Thrive Architect:


The features of Thrive are mainly focused on lead generation and marketing optimization.



Over 300+ professionally designed templates for a range of markets are available in Elementor's extensive library.


However, because they are all single-page templates, they fall short of what Thrive Architect has to offer in terms of whole website packs. They have started to release whole website bundles, though, so they could catch up to Thrive Architect in the future.

In particular, if you operate as a freelance web designer and must have something to satisfy each customer, templates for your lead magnet or sales page are crucial for everybody.

With its templates in particular, Thrive Architect will thus be superior for landing pages.

Global Elements:

If you set any section or block any place in your website, both tools appear to have a decent choice.


Thrive Global Elements:

There are various options for applying content and styles globally in Thrive Architect. The Symbols feature is the most common approach.


You may save widgets as "global" using Thrive Architect.


If you want to save any elements, at the right little Save icon, that I indigent red arrow, just click and save with a relevant name remember to future use for WordPress elements.

In Elementor, you have the same thing, that you want to save as a SAVE AS TEMPLATE.




Marketing Features of Thrive Architect:

Many of Thrive Architect's marketing tools are unique to the plugin. They feature templates for landing pages that are designed to increase conversions as well as modules for calls to action, lead generating forms, countdown clocks, and testimonials.

Even more, the plugin interfaces with several services and solutions for marketing.

These consist of:

  • Thrive Leads is a plugin for email opt-ins.
  • Using the plugin Thrive Optimize, you can compare different landing page designs.
  • Thrive Ovation is a plugin that greatly improves the effectiveness of testimonial gathering.
  • Thrive Ultimatum, a plugin for counting down.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder is a simple tool for making interactive quizzes that convert well on your website.
  • You may automate connections between many plugins with Thrive Automator, an automation plugin.
  • The comments plugin developed by Thrive Themes itself, Thrive Comments.

Marketing Features of Elementor:

Thrive Architect is part of a vast family of plugins, but Elementor is an only child. Although, Elementor includes a ton of marketing tools that you may use.

  • They mostly consist of landing page templates
  • Marketing integrations
  • Conversion-focused modules like buttons
  • Calls to action, customer reviews
  • Lead generating forms

Almost similar to Thrive Architect. 

On the other hand, Elementor Pro also offers a pop-up builder.

e-Commerce features


eCommerce Features of Thrive Architect:

  • One-Click WooCommerce Integration
  • Templates & Pages Designed for E-commerce Brands
  • All-In-One Marketing Suite for WordPress Stores

Once WooCommerce is set up, you'll see a new section for WooCommerce-based modules in the Thrive Architect editor.

There are a ton of excellent WordPress plugins, themes, and store-building tools available that may help you create beautiful product pages and online shops, but really tweaking those themes and tools can be challenging.

A few of them include Shop, Product Categories, Mini Cart, Products, and Product Search.


eCommerce Features of Elementor:

Over 20 WooCommerce modules are provided by Elementor.

This is due to the plugin's built-in theme builder, which lets you customize product pages and works with nearly any theme.

Some of these modules present important product details, like Product Price, Product Content, Product Stock, and others. When you put it all together, you have the ability to build your own product pages.


Additionally, Elementor offers several complete website kits for WooCommerce shops.

Developer Tools:


Developer Tools of Thrive Architect:

Any template you build in Thrive Architect may be exported and imported on a different website that makes use of this plugin.

As a developer, this enables you to create your own collection of fundamental templates that you may apply to several client projects.

Pages and specific modules can also be given unique CSS and HTML properties.


Developer Tools of Elementor:

All of these functionalities are available in Elementor, along with comprehensive documentation on the usage of hooks, actions, and filters, among other tools.

Even better, you can design your own unique widgets. Elementor is far more comprehensive than Thrive Architect only based on one functionality.

You may make any form of widget for any functionality you or your customer want by specifying a widget structure and a set of controls.

This is particularly helpful if a widget doesn't suit your needs or if you require a widget for a plugin that Elementor doesn't support natively.

If you believe that building your own plugin for the page builder would be a more acceptable method to increase its capabilities, thorough instructions on how to do so are also available in Elementor's documentation.

Pros  & Cons

  • Thrive Architect Pros:
  • Frontend, real-time editing
  • Works with any theme for WordPress
  • Contemporary marketing aspects
  • 300 plus ready-made page templates
  • Has a potent popup builder included
  • Ingenious landing pages
  • Theme builder Thrive
  • Universal Global Colors for Simple Customization
  • Continual modifications and updates
  • Popup Engine Advanced Marketing Features Included
  • Does not adversely impact site speed
  • Utilizes Any Theme
  • Thrive Architect Cons:
  • Lacks Features for Theme Builder
  • No third-party plugins
  • Complex Interface that may overwhelm you
  • There is no live chat assistance
  • Lacks a free trial or at least a free version
  • Elementor Pros:
  • Front-end, live editing
  • Features effective inline editing
  • With Elementor Pro's theme builder, you may change any theme
  • An easy to use UI and learning curve
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Create Personalized Headers and Footers
  • Many possibilities for modification
  • Include a free version
  • More than 300 ready-made page templates
  • The strongest Pro Popup Builder
  • PRO Establish Post Type Layouts
  • 90-plus design components
  • Plus 100 web kits
  • Elementor Cons:
  • Too much complication might be overwhelming for novice users
  • When watching a live preview on a smartphone or tablet, the accuracy is insufficient
  • Custom widget development might be challenging
  • Sometimes custom style doesn't work
  • Third-Party Addons Frequently Lead to Problems
  • Lack of Schema in Header Builder


Naturally, cost may have a significant influence on your decision to purchase a page builder, therefore in this part; we'll compare the costs of Thrive Architect and Elementor.


Pricing of Thrive Architect with Thrive Suite:


If you only have one website, Thrive Architect is significantly more expensive than Elementor since it cannot be purchased separately.

Instead, it is a component of the Thrive Suite subscription program, which comes in three tiers:

Quarterly – $90/ three months for 25 websites

Yearly – $228/year for 25 websites

Agency – $588/year for 50 websites

Additionally included in the Thrive Suite are Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Optimize, and five other plugins.

A 30-day, money-back guarantee is included with all programs, along with unlimited updates and support.


Pricing Plans of Elementor:


There are four plans in Elementor Pro. Limited features are available in Elementor's free edition.

Essential Plan - $49/year for only 1 website

Expert Plan - $199/year for 25 websites

Studio Plan - $299/year for 100 websites

Agency Plan - $999/year for 1000 websites

Money Back Guarantee: All plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Additionally, they come with all 300+ page templates, the theme builder for Elementor, 90+ basic and Pro widgets, and priority support.

The Winner Between Elementor And Thrive Architect

It's difficult to pick a winner between Thrive Architect and Elementor on a general scale.

Elementor is available in a free version.

But you can purchase every tool from Thrive for less than $20 each month.

With Elementor, you get additional blocks.

With Thrive Architect, though, you also get superior marketing integrations.

In Elementor, the ecommerce integrations are better.

However, Thrive Architect's designs may compensate for the majority of users, particularly if you want landing page templates.

Overall, Elementor is a multi-purpose platform that works particularly well for portfolio websites and is highly developer friendly.

Thrive Architect, on the other hand, focuses on marketing, landing sites, and improving marketing funnels.

Once the line is drawn,

Our chosen winner is Elementor. It is a superior page builder because of its variety, usability, and developer support.

But don't simply go out and get it. It's not like choosing Thrive Architect was a mistake.

Your demands for constructing pages and websites could perhaps be better served by it.

Which Page Builder Is Best For You?

Yes, Elementor is generally a superior option.

Especially if you're a developer or a beginner who wants to get by with the free version.

However, if you work in internet marketing

Hey, even if you're simply a brand consultant looking to maximize your website's potential, Thrive Architect could be a superior option.

Particularly if you have the cash to purchase all of the Thrive tools that are offered.

However, other from that, Elementor, whether it is the free or paid edition, will make you happier.


We can conclude that both Elementor and Thrive Architect offer excellent features after reading this thorough comparison article.

The only significant distinction is that Thrive Architect is designed with online marketers in mind, which is why it includes a full suite of conversion-focused tools.

Is Thrive Architect superior to Elementor, or the opposite?

Thrive Architect makes more sense if you want a potent front-end page builder that is optimized for lead generation. This is so because Thrive Suite, which also includes Thrive Leads, Thrive Optimize, and other tools, includes it.

Try Elementor if you wish to utilize an editor that is less expensive and easier to use for new users.

Naturally, you can enhance the functionality of both page builders with third-party plugins to get even more out of them.

How do you feel? What is the superior page builder? Are you a fan of Thrive Architect's features or do you prefer Elementor? Would you want us to compare any further WordPress plugins for page builders?

Tell us in the comments section below!

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