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Hi everyone, welcome to the latest and exceptional email marketing automation app article, AutomationAI Review.

Why exceptional? Let’s discover…

Do you expect to get an affiliate marketing success or any other business success without email marketing?

If your reaction is yes, you have missed a lifelong chance to reach out to your customers.


In reality, 99 percent of customers check their email every day, and 50% of those polled in a survey of US consumer habits said they check their inboxes more than 10 times each day.

That’s a lot of chances to make a sale via email.

The #1 mater that email marketing is more effective than any other method is that you can establish a direct line to your audience or customer.

Email marketing influences its audience to make purchasing decisions.

However, the general email marketing process is very complicated. Like that, as writing a high-converting email copy and sending an email sequence timely.

Hence, to solve all your complicated problems AutomationAI comes in.

Are you interested in getting depth information about AutomationAI?

Keep reading continuing, you will get all aspects of information about AutomationAi in this honest review article.

Overview: Automation AI Review

Product Name: AutomationAI

Vendor/ Creator: Neil Napier

Front-End Price: $37.00

Bonus: Yes, Huge Valuable Bonuses Included

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Website: Click Here to Visit

Support: Effective Support

Who is the Visionary Behind AutomationAI

Neil Napier is a driving force behind email marketing innovation, and his passion for streamlining processes has led to the creation of AutomationAI, a user-friendly solution that simplifies email sequence crafting for marketers.

With a knack for innovation and a deep understanding of marketers’ needs, Neil has developed a suite of remarkable products, including Voice2Content, NewBSuite, AIdvantage, Pages by Convertlead, VidProposals 2.0, Content Gorilla AI 2.0, ShortsAI, and AgencyScale.

These tools empower marketers to work more efficiently and effectively, achieving their email marketing goals with greater ease.

What is AutomationAI?

AutomationAI is a complete email marketing AI App and Training course that trains you to build your email list in any Niche while sending email sequences to build trust and make sales!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience with email marketing, their comprehensive 14-day boot camp will equip you with the skills and strategies you need to build a thriving email list, send engaging email sequences that nurture leads and drive sales, and become an overnight email expert.

No Writing Experience or Tech Expertise Required

They’ll guide you through every step of the process, from crafting compelling email copy to setting up automated email sequences using simple and user-friendly tools.

AutomationAI is a tool designed to streamline and optimize the process of creating email sequences for various marketing purposes. With AutomationAI you can instantly create:

  • On-boarding Sequences
  • Lead Nurturing Sequences
  • Sales Funnels Sequences
  • Cart Abandonment Sequences
  • Re-engagement Sequences
  • Post-Purchase Follow-ups

What AutomationAI Gives You?

Outcome Planning:

Clearly define your objectives and let AutomationAI pave the path to achievement.

100% Cloud-Based:

No need for installations or downloads – access AutomationAI from anywhere, at any time.

Craft Messages That Resonate:

Share insights into your target audience, and AutomationAI will tailor messages that captivate them.

Client-Winning Cold Email Sequences:

Generate impactful cold email sequences to capture leads and drive business growth.

Choose Your Tone:

Select from a range of tones, from professional formality to approachable casualness.

No Technical Expertise Required:

AutomationAI is accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills, engineering knowledge, or writing background.

Customized Email Sequences:

Take control of your email campaign’s structure, including message count, and delivery timing, or utilize AI-optimized suggestions.

Adaptive Learning for Continuous Improvement:

Leverage past campaign data to refine and enhance future strategies for continuous improvement.

Effortless Control Panel for Seamless Navigation:

Experience effortless navigation through a user-friendly dashboard, streamlining the sequence setup process.

Export and Download Email Sequences with Ease:

Easily export and download email sequences you create for convenient access and sharing.

How Does AutomationAI Work?

Transform Every Email into an Unstoppable Sales Machine in 3 Easy Steps:

If you probably have 2 questions in your mind…

Question 1: How do I build an email list from scratch with no experience?

Question 2: What if I’m bad at writing emails, how do I solve that problem?

For the past few months, Neil has been working on something that solves these 2 problems…


Watch the Working Process of AutomaionAI

Comparison Between Old Way and New Way


What’s the Best Parts of This AutomationAI?

AutomationAI is a powerful tool that can help you create and manage email campaigns. It has a variety of features that make it easy to create and customize email sequences, as well as track and measure the results of your campaigns.

One of the most unique features of AutomationAI is its adaptive learning capabilities. This means that the platform can learn from your past campaigns and use that information to improve your future campaigns. This can be a huge help if you are looking to continuously improve your email marketing results.

AutomationAI also has a number of other features that make it a valuable tool for marketers, including:

[+] Outcome Planning:

With AutomationAI, your email campaigns are purpose-driven. Pinpoint your desired results and let the platform carve out a clear pathway to success.

[+] High-performing Subject Lines:

According to Phrasee, AI-generated subject lines can outperform human-written ones 98% of the time. This is exactly what AutomationAI is capable of… It suggests your best subject lines so you can get more opens and more clicks.

[+] Automated Email Scheduler:

No matter which time zone you or your subscribers are in, AutomationAI will analyze your campaign and list — and pick the best suitable days, gaps, and times to send your emails. No need for an email strategist.

[+] Choose Your Tone:

Tailor your email’s voice to perfection. From formal professionalism to relaxed casualness, and everything in between, you have the power to select the tone that resonates most with your audience, ensuring your messages always strike the right chord.

[+] Audience Personalization:

Your audience isn’t generic, and your emails shouldn’t be either. Provide specific details about your target demographic, and watch as every message is crafted to resonate with precision, building trust, and connection.

[+] Sequence Customization:

Take full control of your email campaign’s structure. Choose the number of messages and their delivery timing to suit your strategy, or opt for AI’s expert suggestions for an optimized sequence. You’re in the driver’s seat.

[+] Intuitive Control Panel:

Navigating the email sequence setup process is a breeze. The user-friendly dashboard makes it simple to create your campaigns. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to efficient, effective email marketing.

[+] Export & Download:

You’re not locked into a single platform. Easily export and download the email sequences you create. This freedom means you can seamlessly integrate your campaigns with your CRM or use them in your preferred autoresponder. Your email sequences are truly yours to control and deploy as you see fit, ensuring maximum flexibility and reach.

[+] Commercial Rights:

You can easily sell these email campaigns to your existing or new clients. All it takes is a couple of minutes and your campaign is ready. Once you download it, you can send it to any client you want. Perfect for people who are offering email marketing services.

[+] Top-notch Customer Support:

We’ve got a dedicated team of support to help you at every step. No matter what your query is, reach out to our support and we’ll be there to help you. Here’s what our customers say about our support

AutomationAI is a powerful tool that can help you create and manage effective email campaigns. With its user-friendly interface and adaptive learning capabilities, AutomationAI can help you take your email marketing to the next level.

How Many Ways Does AutomationAI Help You?

There are at least 7 ways AutomationAI can help you get paid quickly…

AutomationAI: Unleash the Power of Email Marketing

#1 Run Successful Email Campaigns:

AutomationAI streamlines the process of crafting effective email campaigns that engage your audience, boost conversions, and drive results. AutomationAI’s smart planning and tailored sequences make it easy to achieve your email marketing goals.

#2 Help Your Clients With:

Email Sequences Expand your service offerings by providing expert-level email automation solutions to your clients. AutomationAI empowers you to optimize your email campaigns for success, enhancing their business growth.

#3 Make More Money From Your Email List:

Unlock the full potential of your email list with AutomationAI’s compelling email sequences. Drive increased engagement and conversions, leading to a significant boost in revenue for your business.

#4 Make More Sales For Your Product And Services:

AutomationAI’s conversion-focused email sequences help you sell your products and services effectively. Increase sales and revenue while minimizing manual effort, maximizing your return on investment.

#5 Offer AutomationAI as a Valuable Service:

Not only can you enhance your own business, but you can also offer AutomationAI as a service to your clients. Help them harness the power of email automation, generating additional income by providing valuable solutions.

#6 Grow Your Email List Effortlessly:

 Create engaging lead-generation campaigns with AutomationAI and effortlessly grow your email list. Expand your reach and unlock more profit opportunities with a wider audience.

#7 Save Thousands on Email Copywriting Costs:

Eliminate the need for expensive email copywriting services with AutomationAI. Generate high-quality email sequences in-house, saving substantial sums annually while maintaining the impact of your messaging.

14-Days Bootcamp Series:


To know more details, visit the official website

How Can be Benefited Using  AutomationAI


Pricing & OTOs: AutomationAI Review

Unlock the Value of AutomationAI with Affordable Pricing Options

Front-End (FE)

AutomationAI, the revolutionary email marketing tool, is now within reach with its irresistible pricing options. Priced between $27 and $37, With AutomationAI, you’re not just investing in an email marketing tool; you’re investing in the growth and success of your business. At this incredible price, AutomationAI is an investment you can’t afford to miss.

What you will get in Front-End:


Currently, AutomationAI is available at an exclusive introductory price, a limited-time offer not accessible to everyone. By seizing this opportunity, you demonstrate your foresight and secure significant savings in the long run. Moreover, as AutomationAI continues to evolve and introduce new features and advancements, you will enjoy access to these enhancements without incurring additional costs.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to empower your email marketing efforts with AutomationAI.

The All-In-One AutomationAI Bundle:

Your Gateway to Email Marketing Success

Neil Napier and his team are excited to offer the AutomationAI Bundle, an exclusive package designed to transform your email marketing efforts into a resounding success. This incredible bundle grants you access to a comprehensive suite of tools, including the core AutomationAI software and a variety of valuable upgrades, all for a one-time payment of just $247.

Enhance Your Email Marketing Arsenal

The AutomationAI Bundle doesn’t stop at the core software. It also includes a collection of powerful upgrades that elevate your email marketing capabilities to new heights:

  • PowerUp: Enhance your email sequences with interactive elements, dynamic content, and advanced automation features.
  • Clickvio Unlimited: Unleash the power of limitless click tracking and gain valuable insights into your audience’s behavior.
  • NewBSuite Deluxe: Access a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, including landing page builders, email marketing software, and sales funnel solutions.
  • Email Marketing Agency: Expand your business with a complete email marketing agency toolkit, including proposal templates, client onboarding guides, and more.
  • AI Copy Domination: Generate high-converting sales copy, engaging blog posts, and captivating website content with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Enjoy Exclusive Bonuses and Unwavering Support

In addition to the software and upgrades, the AutomationAI Bundle also includes a host of exclusive bonuses, such as templates, checklists, and other resources to set you up for success. Plus, you’ll receive round-the-clock customer support and a 14-day money-back guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Some User Experiences!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I want this, what exactly am I getting?

The AutomationAI boot camp really is a special offer.  What you’ll get in this incredible offer includes AutomationAI access, a 14-day overnight list success Bootcamp, and tons of free bonuses. This is for you if you want to start or scale your email list in as little as 14 days.

Q: I’m super busy. Can I still get results with AutomationAI Bootcamp?

A: Absolutely! The Bootcamp + software combination is designed for busy people who want to get more done in less time. The structured program and automated tools will help you achieve your goals without sacrificing your valuable time.

Q: Do you offer more in-depth help?

A: Yes, we have a variety of upgrades available that can take your AutomationAI experience to the next level. These upgrades include additional software features, one-on-one coaching, and more.

Q: Who is this for?

It’s for every person who wants to get rid of email copywriting expenses… and wants to build a list of hungry buyers without having to write a single email yourself.

Q: How is AutomationAI different from other email marketing solutions?

A: AutomationAI is unlike anything you’ve ever seen because it writes emails that sound and look like they were written by a real person. This is because the software analyzes your writing style and previous campaign data to create personalized messages that resonate with your subscribers.

Q: Do I really need the Bootcamp?

A: Honestly? Yes. Even if you have a list already, you can use the principles you learn inside this Bootcamp to increase the size and quality of your email list without spending tons of money.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Yes, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can try AutomationAI Bootcamp risk-free. We’re confident that you’ll be amazed at the results you achieve.

Q: Do I have lifetime access to the software?

A: Yes, Lifetime refers to the longevity of the product – Automation AI. As long as the product is live, you will continue to have access without any additional costs. The expected lifetime range of a software product is around 5 years

Final Opinion:

In conclusion what I mainly remarkable, when we want to run an email marketing campaign, 2 problems appear in front of us… 

Problem 1: How do I build an email list from scratch with no experience?

Problem  2: I’m not good at email copywriting. How can I write high-converting email copy?

Here AutomationAI effectively solves that problem.

In the dynamic world of email marketing, AutomationAI stands out as a revolutionary tool designed to transform your marketing strategies and drive remarkable results.

Its intuitive interface, AI-powered capabilities, and comprehensive features make it an invaluable asset for marketers seeking to elevate their email campaigns to new heights.

So; who want to run an email marketing campaign effortlessly, AutomationAI is the perfect solution for them.

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